124 Hinton Way

124 Hinton Way

Please refurbish and extend our c.1930’s house to give views of the garden, fields and sky…

Create well-lit spaces for our growing family with additional kitchen and living space.

Please be mindful of the Southern aspect and potential heat gain.

Consider the privacy of the neighbours, especially the garden bedrooms at first floor.

Our Clients’ house has been significantly remodeled to cater for the demands of modern living and a growing family, with a view to the immediate future and the coming decades.

Project Architect’s Description:
The form of the roof extension gives the principal facade balance by mirroring the existing hipped roof from one side to the other. The previous decrepit flat roof to part of the main house has been replaced and four viable bedroom spaces are created on the first floor.

The roof ensures good daylighting to no.126 and a much more attractive outlook than previously existed.

The design benefits from the rationalisation of spaces within the dwelling, unifying living spaces in a coherent fashion whilst allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate to the heart of the house.

The rear dormers enable good sized bedroom spaces and a terrific view down the 150 metre rear garden towards open fields and horizon.

The form of the cat-slide dormers with glazing set back, gives privacy to the neighbours whilst shading the first floor windows that face South-East, mitigating heat gain. Similar deep eaves are employed at ground floor again to combat the sun, a problem with the previous facade.

A roof extension that enhances the 1930’s property…