Cavendish Avenue

Cavendish Avenue

Design a modern striking summerhouse that is appropriate for modern living, well-lit and naturally ventilated.

The finished built form must comply with Permitted Development Guidelines and as such will not be submitted for Planning Consent.

  • The approach to the main fašade must be striking and inviting.
  • The building must look as good in 10 years as it does when complete.
  • The proposed living spaces should have a comfortable, sympathetic transition to the garden and a connection with tree tops and sky.
  • Generally the design should be sympathetic to its surroundings and the neighbouring properties.

In order to avoid a ‘full stop’ at the end of the garden, Samskara have introduced a number of visual ploys…curves and angles that flow from walls, to roof, to terrace and beyond.

The result, a simple built form that satisfies the client brief…

The roof is a canted dynamic form pointing to and beyond the principal dwelling orientated about a central oculus, influencing space and form within the design.

All within the design unfolds; further layers of fun and enjoyment.

A ‘not so simple’ 21st Century summerhouse at the end of the garden…