Jaggards Farm

Comberton, Cambridge

Please create an annexe for Harborough House* with natural swimming pool.

The annexe should be a vernacular style farm building with Norfolk pantiles, feather edged weatherboard and brick plinth. Provide a bedroom, shower room and living space partitioned from the garage by an internal wall. The ridge height should not exceed that of the existing piggery.

Create an exceptional natural pool that nestles within the rolling landscape of Comberton.

*Harborough House is a late 20th Century dwelling which can be dated back to 1997 when it replaced a dwelling erected in the 1960’s. The adjacent farm house can be dated back to the mid-19th Century when the village of Comberton

Jaggards farm itself is sited on the first of two medieval earthworks within the village, which were systematically destroyed by mining which could explain the unusual local topography.

Sited within a rural setting and with little chance of being overlooked, or overlooking neighboring properties, the proposed annex to Harborough House provides an attractive additional living space with an integrated garage.

The building form is constrained by the original footprint and the ridge height of the piggery that previously sat on the site. Due to span, the required pantile roof finish demanded a truncated-hipped roof with a concealed upper flat roof.

The building is very simple, yet well detailed and well-constructed.

The natural infinity pool is simply beautiful…designed by Samskara with the surrounding landscape in mind.

As the aquatic plants of the wing pools grow and develop, the illusion of a natural water feature will unfold.