Comberton Road


Create a contemporary, bespoke design preserving the beneficial aspects of the current floor plan and structure whilst respecting the scale and general character of the village.

Remove the existing roof and the construct a new roof with a higher ridge line, in doing so create additional living space at first floor level.

The roof must include a lower pitch on its south face.

The Northern part of the roof will include a mansard form in order to enable sufficient headroom for two new first floor bedrooms, bathrooms and living space.

The new roof is to be marginally higher than the existing roof, with a number of rooflights to enable natural light to reach all first floor rooms.

The chimney will be raised, remain a feature of the roof and enable a functioning fire place in the middle of the ground floor.

The proposals will include sustainable methods of construction as well as renewable technologies.

Working intensively with the Client, Samskara have enhanced very definite design ideas in order to create a beautiful form that satisfies all the needs specified.

Using simple geometry, form very much follows function. The dwelling is extended in all directions with a render insulation unifying old and new.

The entrance façade is given prominence and articulation through the use of an arbour,... hopefully cloaked by a wisteria in the not too distant future.