17 Hills Avenue

17 Hills Avenue

We recognise that our property in Hills Avenue will not be suitable for our needs in old age. With close ties to the area and having lived in Hills Avenue for many years, we have a desire to remain close to Addenbrookes Hospital and our friends; as such we would like to propose the construction of a single storey dwelling to the rear of our large garden in Hills Avenue.

The plot will be divided in a similar fashion to a number of properties in the immediate vicinity, with a driveway leading towards the rear of the plot.

The existing property curtilage is almost double that of each neighbouring property.

Access to our new house will be via a gravel driveway along the flank of the existing plot.

The design must allow for comfortable modern living and contribute positively to the neighbouring properties.

In many respects the design of the proposed dwelling to the rear of no.17 Hills Avenue reacts to its location; hidden away in the rear garden.

The proposed house steals daylight at high level due to its orientation and roof form. The deep roof eaves reduce the field of view from the principal living spaces towards the South-East, South and South-West.

Views are limited to the existing hedging & trees immediately adjacent to the proposed dwelling, respecting the privacy of the neighbouring properties. Conversely, the view from the first floor windows of nos. 15, 17 and 19 Hills Avenue are of mature trees and hedging with glimpses of the proposed standing seam roof. Woven hazel fencing will lace its way through the mature trees to provide a screen no matter the season.

The floor plan flows from space to space encouraging a journey from room to room, affording views to the immediate exterior spaces wherever one stands in the dwelling

The reason for the low roof form is twofold, an appropriate scale to engendered a cosy, homely interior and to minimise the visual impact on neighbouring properties.

The materials proposed are simple, neutral in colour and deliberately unobtrusive. The patinised rolled zinc finished roof and stone walls will weather naturally, allowing the building to gradually blend with its surroundings.

Form is driven by function to ensure good daylighting, with continuous reference to sunpath to produce the proportions of the external form.

A simple elegant building…