34 Hills Avenue

34 Hills Avenue

The proposed modifications and refurbishment of our house should cater for the demands of modern living and our growing family, with a view to the immediate future and the coming decades.

The proposed design should benefit from the rationalisation of circulation within the dwelling, initially through the reorientation of the staircase from the ground floor to second floor.

The stair should unify the living spaces in a coherent fashion whilst allowing plenty of natural light to penetrate to the heart of the house.

The existing ascent to the upper floors is poor, lacks daylighting and is hazardous for a young family. The proposed stair should be comfortable to climb with several landings and a large stair window.

The floor plans must promote visual continuity and engender a desire to move through the dwelling. Effective use and economy of space is paramount.

The proposed house refurbishment and extensions for our Client are designed for modern living.

The Client brief demands well-lit additional space for their growing family.

The proposed rear extension provides an additional kitchen and living space facing the rear garden.

In order to minimise the impact of the proposed built form on the neighbouring properties, extensions have been conceived with reference to the sun path.

A simple palate of materials is proposed for the works in order to match the existing facades and neighbouring roof forms. The proposed rear roof extension is punctuated with rooflights to allow daylighting to the heart of the dwelling.